Here you will find attachments of all our presentations from each seminar, retreat, and meeting we’ve had in the last 3-4 years. They have been organized alphabetically by subject matter along with the year they were given for your convenience. Please feel free to e-mail/contact us with any questions regarding any of these presentations and/or presenters.

2017 Resources

Practice Management Updates
February General Membership Meeting: ACO Panel January Conference: Succeeding Under MACRA/QPP

2016 Resources

2016 MCMS Payor Conference MCMS Compliance Conference Resources

September General Membership Meeting: Physician Resilience & Well-Being

Coding Forums

“Transitioning to Practice Transformation Network: What Physician Practices Need to Know to Succeed” Conference

Practice Management Updates

General Membership Meeting/Aid in Dying Physician Forum

Medical Practice Marketing Boot Camp

2015 Resources

Young & Early Career Physicians MED Talks

2015 MCMS Payor Conference

2015 MCMS Compliance Conference Resources


Practice Management Updates

General Membership Meeting January

2014 Resources

Young Physicians MED Talks Presentations

2014 Payor Conference

2014 MCMS Compliance Conference Resources

Coding Forum Presentations

2013 Resources

2013 Payor Conference

2013 MCMS Compliance Conference HIPAA Resources

2013 Membership Meeting Presentations 2012 Strategies Conference Lectures

AMA Updates


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