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Women in Medicine Month: Celebrating Our Women Physician Members

Happy Women in Medicine Month! Montgomery County Medical Society cherishes this annual occasion to honor the contributions of women physicians to our community and our organization. It is particularly felicitous this year, when five of our six officers are women physicians.

Last year, MCMS launched Profiles of Proud Physicians as part of our Proud to be a Physician campaign, to celebrate the dedication of our physician members for the art and science of medicine. We will continue this tradition by highlighting profiles of our women physicians throughout the month of September.

To be featured, send your name, headshot, and the answers to the following three questions to Alyx Hawkins:

  1. Why are you proud to be a physician?
  2. What has been your unique experience as a woman physician during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  3. Why are you proud to be a member of MCMS & MedChi?


Click below to read their full profiles.