MCMS and MedChi: Your Advocate

Community-based physician organizations like MCMS & MedChi contribute important input to legislators on behalf of our members. Legislators rely on subject matter experts, like physicians, to create effective policy and legislation.  Because health care policy touches everyone, regardless of age, gender, or political leanings, it is critical that physicians are engaged in advocacy to educate legislators on the unseen effects of their proposed policies.

Get Involved:

  • During the legislative session in Maryland, utilize our Legislative Action Center to contact your legislators about key legislation. Then, consider attending our Lobby Day in Annapolis in the spring to emphasize the importance of and our commitment to improving public health and the practice environment in Maryland.
  • If you are interested in serving on the legislative committee, please let us hear from you! Email Susan D’Antoni, Executive Director, at or call 301.921.4300, ext. 203.
  • MedChi coordinates volunteer physicians to serve in the First Aid Room while the Assembly is in session in Annapolis. If you are interested in the MCMS Internship Program, you could be an intern in a legislator’s office and serve as the Physician of the Day at the same time. Many physicians are needed to staff the First Aid Room. Your help is critically needed. It’s a wonderful community service, and it shows our support to the Assembly. To volunteer, call MedChi at 410-263-4035 or 301-858-5230.

Advocacy resources for the 2024 Session: