Montgomery County COVID-19 Vaccination Update for Community HCPs

Last Updated: January 8, 2021
Pictured above, MCMS Physician Members receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine: MCMS President Annette Pham, M.D., Joseph Green, M.D., MBA, FACS, Roji Menon, M.D., MedChi President Shannon Pryor, M.D., Montgomery County Health Officer Travis Gayles, M.D., PhD, Jane Chretien, M.D., MCMS Immunization Task Force Member Joe Hsu, M.D.

Please Note: Montgomery County Medical Society is not coordinating clinics, the Montgomery County Health Department is. The health department has sole authority over appointment scheduling, follow-up, and clinic locations. MCMS is dedicated to serving physicians in our community by providing timely communication of information provided to us by the county health department. Sign-up to receive alerts from MCMS.

For information about how the county is prioritizing doses for Phase 1A Tiers 1, 2, and 3, including prioritization among physician specialties, visit To learn more about vaccine allotment and distribution, visit Dr. Gayles’ most recent update slide deck.

If you have already received your first dose through the county’s clinics, you will be contacted to schedule your second dose via an automated message sent via PrepMod, the State of Maryland’s clinic scheduling software, approximately three weeks after your first dose. Bring your vaccine card with you to your second appointment.

We recently spoke to Travis Gayles, M.D., Ph.D., the Montgomery County Health Officer, and have further direction from him for getting physicians and medical practice employees in the queue for vaccines. He also answered many questions we have fielded from practitioners over the last few days.

Regarding how to make sure you are in the queue and to receive notification for upcoming County-sponsored COVID vaccine clinics:

The County Health Department requests that you complete this survey to indicate the number of doses you and your staff may need:

It is also the vehicle through which you will receive notices about future vaccine clinic dates/times for you and your staff.

If you have already completed the survey, but have not heard about vaccine clinics available to you, this information will be coming to you soon from MCMS and the Health Department.

If you completed the survey and were notified of the opportunity to schedule a vaccine but were waitlisted, you will receive notice of future vaccine clinics. The County Health Department must wait on confirmation of the number of doses of vaccines they will receive each week before they can set up additional vaccine clinic days and times.

An additional note, when you and your staff go to receive your vaccine, each of you must have verification of employment as a health care practitioner or staff. An organizational I.D., employment verification on letterhead, or a business card will suffice.

As your local medical association, we are pleased to continue to provide these updates to you and your colleagues. Because of our relationship with the County Health Department, we are able to get information out to you before it is available to other health care clinicians.

If you are a member of MCMS & MedChi, thank you! If you have not yet renewed for 2021, you can do so here. If you are not a member and want to receive urgent updates about vaccine distribution and other topics, we ask you to join using this link: We need your expertise and support to continue these important efforts.

We hope this information is helpful to you. We wish you good health and success in 2021!