WUMCO Receives 2024 Webster Sewell MD Award

2024 Webster Sewell MD Award Recipient Profile:

Western Upper Montgomery County Help, Inc.


Presented by the Montgomery County Medical Society and the National Capital Physicians Foundation, this annual award, funded in part by Dr. Sewell’s daughter, Dorita Sewell, is given to honor an individual or organization that is committed to providing greater access to health care for the people of the National Capital Region. To read more about the Dr. Sewell and his commitment to access to care (learn more).

We were pleased to present the 2024 Webster Sewell, M.D. Access to Care Award to Western Upper Montgomery County Help, Inc.

In our two years of bringing healthcare access to our area, WUMCO Help advocated for the needs of our community and educated public and private entities about the challenges our residents face in accessing health resources. They provided access to 244 visits with primary care and dental services. They provided educational opportunities community-wide. WUMCO Help, Inc. is extremely proud that in the two years we have created a cross-sectoral, place-based program to provide equitable access to healthcare services through public-private partnerships and provided access to care, information, or intervention within our community through more than 500 total interactions


Learn more about WUMCO Help, Inc: https://wumcohelp.org/


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