Mission-Vision-Value Statements

What is MCMS?
A not-for-profit 501c6 professional association founded in 1903 to assist and support physicians who practice and/or reside and/or are licensed in Maryland.

MCMS is the largest chartered component of The Maryland State Medical Society, MedChi, with more than 1,600 members. MCMS is separately incorporated.



Montgomery County Medical Society unites, strengthens, and advocates for our physician community through education, collegiality and service, and encourages sharing of best practices to promote equitable, high quality, accessible healthcare.

MCMS plays a vital role in the Montgomery County healthcare environment by supporting and encouraging physician professional satisfaction and effectiveness in the delivery of equitable, high quality, accessible healthcare to their patients.


We respect individual strength and value the greater combined strength and voice of our members.

We believe in the value of working together.

We believe in comradery, strong professional relationships and supporting each other, putting aside any professional differences to promote valued outcomes for our members and community.

We will advocate in favor of just causes or policies when they benefit patient-physician relationships and/or when they support the effective practice of medicine, and professional satisfaction, or uphold the health of our patients and communities.

We recognize the importance and unique contributions of all physicians to the field of medicine. MASELA strives to support all physicians in all practice modes, including but not limited to academic, employed, public health and private practice.

We embrace difference as a strength, and by being fully inclusive, we gain a more complete understanding of each other, our needs as a profession and the needs of our community. We recognize our responsibility to acknowledge, address and reorganize structures that limit or oppose these values through leadership, education, and collaboration.

We are dynamic and promote new ideas in physician practice, professional advancement and patient care.

We will strive to meet the needs of our physicians and community with integrity, humility, and respect.

Nondiscrimination Statement:

The Montgomery County Medical Society rejects as unethical all forms of membership discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, political convictions, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification or age.

Adopted March 13, 2024

Our Leadership Structure
Montgomery County Medical Society’s Executive Board is composed of:

  • Executive Committee
  • Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs
  • Members of MedChi’s Board of Trustees
  • Commission on Health Representative
  • Montgomery Cares
  • Montgomery County Health Officer
  • Six Hospital Medical Staff Liaisons

To learn more about our leadership and committees, visit our leadership listing.


Governing Documents