The National Capital Physicians Foundation is dedicated to advancing the practice of medicine and improving population health in the National Capital Region through education, research and innovation.


Montgomery County Medical Society physician leaders and staff envisioned the opportunity to have a greater impact in the community. They recognized that only through an educational and charitable foundation could they take advantage of the many opportunities for public and private grants to support outreach, educational, research and innovation initiatives. In 2016, this vision became a reality through the formation of the National Capital Physicians Foundation. This foundation was created by physicians for physicians and their patients to support causes which help our community and contribute to healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.


For more information about NCPF, go to www.dedicatedtohealth.org.


The organization’s first initiative is dedicated to physician health and well-being.

In a 2014 study conducted by Mayo Clinic & the AMA, 54.4% of physician respondents indicated they were exhibiting at least one symptom of burnout. In MCMS’s 2016 Physician Practice Survey, 53.7% of physician respondents indicated they are experiencing moderate to high levels of burnout. 70 physicians indicated they would use a confidential, no-cost physician counseling service if offered.

As a result, initial efforts of the National Capital Physicians Foundation are focused on development of PRN, the Physicians’ Resources Network, which has initiated a Physician Well-being Program, which includes confidential counseling. This service is now available to all physician members of MCMS, and to all other physicians who are practicing in Montgomery County. We anticipate broadening the availability of counseling services to additional physicians as funding is received.

The mission of PRN is to provide high-quality counseling, coaching, education and resources that support physician well-being, resilience and growth.


  • Three (3) counseling appointments arranged within 24-36 hours of request, including before or after office hours
  • Open to practicing physicians in Montgomery County at no cost. If a physician wishes to continue counseling, he/she will be responsible for paying for the additional appointments.
  • Confidential counseling provided by LCSW-Cs and psychologists with program oversight by psychiatrist-medical director
  • No insurance is filed; no electronic records created
  • Counseling provided in therapists’ private residence-based practice

This guide explains details of the PRN Physician Counseling Program »


For more information about the Physicians’ Resource Network or the Physicians Well-being Counseling program, call 301.921.4300, ext. 300.


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