Biannual Physician Practice Survey


In 2015, the MCMS Executive Board formed an Ad Hoc Survey Committee to better understand the nature of physician practices in Montgomery County, the current medical landscape, and how MCMS can better serve and advocate for the professional and personal needs of physicians, their medical practices and their patients, in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Why We Survey Montgomery County Physicians

Physicians working and living in Montgomery County face a unique set of challenges and work in diverse practice settings. Large health systems, governmental agencies, and hospitals all operate among small, independent private practices. The transition towards value based payment and a variety of employment opportunities combined with an increasing regulatory environment places stresses, both operational and financial, on physicians in the area. The survey seeks to better clarify what the greatest pressure points are in the community, and to gain a more accurate understanding, in general, about how physicians practice in Montgomery County.

Tracking Trends in the Medical Community

Survey data was collected annually 2015-2017. Based on trend data and feedback from survey respondents, the Committee determined that a biannual survey would better track key trends in the medical community of Montgomery County than an annual survey effort. Baseline questions, asked in each survey, help to identify and monitor changes in practice patterns, technology use, and payor participation. The survey also includes questions which evaluate the impact of various developing trends on physicians and patients in our community, such as the opioid crisis and participation of physicians in the Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and changing prescribing patterns meant to remediate it.

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