Our Leadership

2024-25 Montgomery County Medical Society Executive Board


Brent Berger, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Montgomery County Commission on Health Representative


Aruna Nathan M.D.
IM/Lifestyle Med

Vice President

Alan Gonzalez-Cota M.D.
Pain Medicine



Kathryn Kelly M.D.
Internal Medicine


Sheri Hamersley M.D.
Fetal Medicine


Angela Marshall, M.D.
Internal Medicine


Montgomery Cares Representative
Carolyn O'Conor M.D.
Family Medicine


Women in Medicine Committee Co-Chair
Myria Petrou, M.D.


Women in Medicine Committee Co-Chair
Marsha Seidelman, M.D.
Pulmonology & Lifestyle Medicine


Presidential Appointee and Governance Committee Co-Chair
Audrey Corson, M.D.
Internal Medicine


Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Bradley Foerster, M.D.


Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Brent Faulkner, M.D.
Plastic Surgery


Presidential Appointee and Kaiser Permanente Medical Staff Liaison
Benjamin Galper, M.D.
Interventional Cardiology & Cardiovascular Disease 


Montgomery County Health Officer
Kisha Davis, M.D.,
Family Medicine


Holy Cross Hospital Germantown Medical Staff Liaison
Vinu Ganti, M.D.
Internal Medicine


MedChi Legislative Council Representative
Lawrence Green, M.D.
Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery


Women in Medicine Committee Co-Chair
Sheri Hamersley, M.D.
Maternal & Fetal Medicine


Presidential Appointee
Irfana Ali, M.D.
Emergency Medicine


Presidential Appointee
Benjamin Galper, M.D.
Cardiothoracic Surgical

Early Career Physicians Committee Co-Chair
Sonia Krupnikova, M.D.


Early Career Physicians Committee Co-Chair
Isha Misra, M.D.
Hospital Medicine


Montgomery County Trustee, MedChi
Carolyn O'Conor, M.D.
Family Medicine


Membership Committee Chair
Stephen Rockower, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgery


Past President, MedChi
Shannon Pryor, M.D.
Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery


Medical Staff Liaison at Suburban Hospital
Gary Roggin, M.D.


Chair of MCMS Delegation to MedChi
Mark Seigel, M.D.
Obstetrics and Gynecology


Medical Staff Liaison at Montgomery Medstar Hospital
Peter Sherer, M.D.
Medical Oncology & Hematology


MedChi Communications Council Co-Chair
Bruce Smoller, M.D.

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

The following standing committees are designated in Montgomery County Medical Society’s bylaws:

Finance Committee
Provides financial oversight for MCMS, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting and the creating and monitoring of accountability practices.

Legislative Committee
Considers legislation and advocacy actions which may be undertaken by the organization, and ensures that legislative positions are relevant and within the scope of MCMS’s mission, constitution, and bylaws.

Membership Committee
Collaborates with other committees, interest groups, leadership, and the membership on key strategies and challenges to guide efforts to recruit, engage and retain members. MCMS’s Membership Enhancement Team serves as a subcommittee to the Membership Committee.

Women in Medicine Committee
Works to provide women members with section-specific opportunities for engagement, particularly through networking and community involvement.

Early Career Physicians Committee
Strives to connect Early Career Physicians with needed resources to thrive in Montgomery County’s medical community, including through referral development, financial guidance, and by providing platforms through which they can promote their medical expertise and interests.


In the last five years, three Ad Hoc committees have been formed.

Wellbeing and Burnout Committee
Formed initially in 2014 as a response to the rising rate of burnout in Montgomery County’s physician population, the committee ultimately recommended the formation of the National Capitol Physicians Foundation which, among other programs, provides no-cost counseling to local physicians through its Physicians’ Resource Network.

Survey Committee
In 2015, the Executive Board formed an Ad Hoc Survey Committee to better understand the nature of physician practices in Montgomery County, the current medical landscape, and how MCMS can better serve and advocate for the professional and personal needs of physicians, their medical practices and their patients, in Montgomery County, Maryland. This committee has been renewed on an annual basis and continues to serve its initial purpose.

Physician Compensation and Gender Committee
This committee was formed in 2018 after the release of MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society’s Physician Compensation Survey. Their survey showed that Maryland physicians received less compensation than analogous practicing physicians in other states, and that women physicians made less than their male counterparts. The committee will consider what steps may be taken by Montgomery County Medical Society to remediate these findings, within the scope of MCMS’s mission.


Montgomery County Medical Society has been blessed with over a century of extraordinary leaders. We thank them for their service and their vision.

1903 Roger Brooke, M.D.
1904 Roger Brooke, M.D.
1905 Horace B. Haddox, M.D.
1906 Edward Anderson, M.D.
1907 James E. Deets, M.D.
1908 Charles Farquhar, M.D.
1909 Otis M. Linthicum, M.D.
1910 William, L Lewis, M.D.
1911 James D. Morgan, M.D.
1912 James D. Morgan, M.D.
1913 Frederick N. Henderson, M.D.
1914 Charles H. Nourse, M.D.
1915 John L Lewis, M.D.
1916 Earnest L. Bullard, M.D.
1917 Jacob W. Bird, M.D.
1918 Eugene Jones, M.D.
1919 ElijahW. White, M.D.
1920 Upton D. Nourse, M.D.
1921 J.W. Chappell, M.D.
1922 Horace B. Haddox, M.D.
1923 Vernon H. Dyson, M.D.
1924 William T. Brown, M.D.
1925 Otis M. Linthicum, M.D.
1926 Charles C. Tumbleson, M.D.
1927 James E. Deets, M.D.
1928 Gilbert V. Hartley, M.D.
1929 Thomas K. Conrad, M.D.
1930 Frank J. Broschart, M.D.
1931 A.W. Truman, M.D.
1932 Howard H. Howlett, M.D.
1933 Dexter M. Bullard, Sr., M.D.
1934 Claude W. Mitchell, M.D.
1935 William A. Linthicum, M.D.
1936 John M. Bankhead, M.D.
1937 Benjamin C. Perry, M.D.
1938 George W. Boyer, M.D.
1939 Cyrus E. Hawkes, M.D.
1940 Read N. Calvert, M.D.
1941 William C. Miller, M.D.
1942 Katherine A. Chapman, M.D.

1943 M. McKendree Boyer, M.D.
1944 Naomi T. Lucius, M.D.
1945 J. Norman Kimble, M.D.
1946 Emil G. Bauersfeld, M.D.
1947 Upton D. Nourse, M.D.
1948 Jacob W. Bird, M.D.
1949 John G. Ball, M.D.
1950 John F.Brownsberger, M.D.
1951 William W. Welsh, M.D.
1952 Frank A. Zack, M.D.
1953 William S. Murphy, M.D.
1954 Austin B. Rohrbaugh, Jr., M.D.
1955 Robert Hare, M.D.
1956 Robert A. Bier, M.D.
1957 Merrill Cross, M.D.
1958 William T. Joyce, M.D.
1959 Henry P. Laughlin, M.D.
1960 Aaron H., Traum, M.D.
1961 Charles H. Ligon, M.D.
1962 DeWitt E. Delawter, M.D.
1963 George A. Gray, M.D.
1964 John J. Curry, M.D.
1965 John P. Habelin, M.D.
1966 EruchT. Kimble, M.D.
1967 John 0. Robben, M.D.
1968 Marvin I. Mones, M.D.
1969 MertonL. White, M..
1970 Carolyn S. Pincock, M.D.
1971 Robert G.Angle, M.D.
1972 Horace W. Bernton, M.D.
1973 Herman C. Maganzini, M.D.
1974 John B. Umhau, Jr., M.D.
1975 Francis C. Mayle, Jr., M.D.
1976 Arthur Wilets, M.D.
1977 Earnest E. Harmon, M.D.
1978 Allen J. O'Neill, M.D.
1979 Cyrus G. Hardy, M.D.
1980 John A. McCormack, M.D.
1981 Henry M. Wise, Jr., M.D.
1982 Michael R. Dobridge, M.D.


1983 Joseph Snyder, M.D.
1984 Ronald R. Cameron, M.D.
1985 Marvin Schneider, M.D.
1986 Donald W. Wiczer, M.D.
1987 Ira N. Brecher, M.D.
1988 Lawrence H. Fink, M.D.
1989 Cheryl Winchell, M.D.
1990 Jeffrey F.Witte, M.D.
1991 Herman C. Maganzini, M.D.
1992 Carol Wilson Garvey, M.D.
1993 Donald D. Stepita, M.D.
1994 Stephen W. White, M.D.
1995 Mark S. Seigel, M.D.
1996 Peter B. Scherer, M.D.
1997 Amy J. Byer, M.D.
1998 William R. Stern, M.D.
1999 Burt Littman, M.D.
2000 Mark E. Richards, M.D.
2001 Mark S. Seigel, M.D.
2002 liana P. Bar-Levav, M.D.
2003 Brian Avin, M.D.
2004 Bruce M. Smoller, M.D.
2005 Gary Roggin, M.D.
2006 Stephen Rockower, M.D.
2007 Robert Karp, M.D.
2008 Audrey Corson, M.D.
2009 John Young, M.D.
2010 Robert Karp, M.D.
2011 Betsy Ballard, M.D.
2012 Duane Taylor, M.D.
2013 Brent Faulkner, M.D.
2014 Stephen Rockower, M.D
2015 Shannon Pryor, M.D.
2016 Lynne Diggs, M.D.
2017 Natasha Herz, M.D.
2018 Carolyn O’Conor, M.D.
2019 Lawrence Green, M.D.
2020 Annette Pham, M.D.
2021 Irfana Ali, M.D.
2022 Tuesday Cook, M.D.