COVID Vaccine Immunology: Ask the ID Specialist & FAQ Boot Camp: What Your Patients Want to Know

Date Recorded: Thursday, February 2, 2021 – Watch on YouTube

Are you getting questions from patients about the COVID vaccines all day, every day? Do you want to better prepare yourself for these conversations with patients, staff members, and even friends and family? Or do you have unanswered questions, and wish you could have an Infectious Disease Specialist all to yourself for a half-hour? Then we’ve got a program for you!

Part I: Immunology: Return to First Year of Medical School Travel back in time for a quick crash course on the med school immunology lessons of yore with Infectious Disease Specialist Phuong Trinh, M.D.

Part II: Patient FAQ Boot Camp – Begins at 15:58. Our physician panel members pose the most common questions from patients, with responses from Dr. Trinh and other relevant panel member physician specialists.

Part III: Stump the ID Specialist! – Begins at 57:01. The weirdest, thorniest, most obscure questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and the answers you’ve been looking for from our panel of experts.