Mission: YOU! New MCMS Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission: YOU

MCMS Adopts New Mission & Vision Statements

A Message from Angela Marshall, M.D., President, MCMS

Over the course of the last several months, your Montgomery County Medical Society Executive Board has taken an introspective look at how we connect with you and serve you and your professional challenges. We recognize that each of you is our reason for being.

This introspection led to re-evaluating our mission statement to ensure that it adequately and accurately reflects our responsibility to you and all our members for the trust and resources you have invested in this partnership.

To this end, after several iterations, your Executive Board has adopted the following Mission Statement:

Montgomery County Medical Society unites, strengthens, and advocates for our physician community through education, collegiality and service, and encourages sharing of best practices to promote equitable, high quality, accessible healthcare.

Words mean something. Each word was explicitly chosen to reflect our promise to you and our community. We must live up to this promise.

As a member of MCMS, we ask that you help us accomplish this mission. Unite with us. Share your issues and expertise to make us stronger. Voice your concerns and solutions to help us advocate for our profession and our patients more effectively. And participate in our initiatives and activities as we promote equitable, high quality, and accessible healthcare.

During this deliberative process, we also adopted a Vision Statement – the first Vision Statement to ever be considered for our organization. A vision statement is an articulation of what MCMS strives to be or what we strive to create as an organization. With an eye on where we are going and a vision for the future, we can better serve you.

MCMS’ new Vision Statement is:

MCMS plays a vital role in the Montgomery County healthcare environment by supporting and encouraging physician professional satisfaction and effectiveness in the delivery of equitable, high quality, accessible healthcare to their patients.

We welcome your feedback about our new mission and vision statements.

This organizational introspection will continue as we further define our Value Statements which communicate MCMS’ core beliefs and guiding principles in how our Executive Board governs and how our organization serves our members.

You are at the center of who we are and all we do. If there are ways we can improve our effectiveness, let me or Susan D’Antoni, our CEO, hear from you. I can be reached at drmarshall@mdforwomen.com, and Susan’s email is sdantoni@montgomerymedicine.org.